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Daffodils Return...

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

I started seeing them popping through the earth here at Highpoint farm in mid- January and knew it wouldn't be long before our East field was full of beautiful yellow blooms. This field over the last couple years has went from briers and weeds, to something quite lovely. Its amazing what just a little bit of work can do to transform an outdoor space.

When we first bought our farm we didn't even realize this field was part of it. Once we knew we decided to work on clearing it and start designing a beautiful garden. Eventually it will have a beautiful English style greenhouse , with raised bed gardens and also pathway gardens. This area also houses Scotts bee hives. We have had a break in the rain this past week and decide to get out and clear the last little bit of briers. Scott has done most of the clearing, as I am allergic to thorns... :)

Its so exciting to see even more blooms under neath all the weeds and briers. I can not wait to start designing this beautiful space. Below is a little poem that I just love. I hope you enjoy.


What Matter if the sun be lost?

What matter though the sky be gray?

There's joy enough about the house

For Daffodil comes home today.

There's news of swallows on the air,

There's word of April on the way,

They're calling flowers within the street,

And Daffodil comes home today

Oh who would care what fate may bring

Or what the years may take away?

There's life enough with the hour

For Daffodil comes home today.

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