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Our New Chapel is Here!

After what seems like months oh wait it has been months. So back in Spetember Scott and I finally ordered our chapel for the farm. It was built in Kentucky and brought here for us to put the finishing touches on. We were told by the builder that it would be 6 weeks..HAHAHAHAHAH nope. We were told we would have it by Thanksgiving... HAHAHAHAHA nope then it was this date and that date and so on.... you get the picture.... I had honestly almost given up then the builder called and said ok its done we will deliver this Wednesday.. we'll PRAISE THE LORD. They delivered and got it all set up. Now comes the fun part at least for me.. I found 16 amazing old church windows that I picked up from a church in Kentucky that was upgrading to new... I think they were crazy for getting rid of these beautiful windows but hey I didn't tell them that.

I just found some nice old doors for the front as well. Next week we will stain the outside white and starting building a steeple. We have Scotts grandmother, Jewels old iron bell to go in the steeple once its up on the chapel. Inside will be all white with antique wood touches and some beautiful old milk glass chandeliers from my friend Danny who saved them from his childhood church before it was demolished years ago. We are hoping to have some of this finished by your annual family Easter Brunch we hold each year at the farm.. Last year we did the ground breaking and said next year we will dedicate the building. We have a lot of work to do in 3 weeks.

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